POL-U1000.11 Developing and Maintaining University Provisions of the Washington Administrative Code

Dates and Approval

Effective Date:

November 1, 2020

Approved by:

President Sabah Randhawa

Who does this policy apply to?

The purpose of this policy is to establish a process for initiating, revising or repealing provisions of Western's title in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC). This mechanism is for internal use.


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Washington Administrative Code (WAC)

The WAC is intended to put the public on notice of government action that may affect them. The WAC includes any generally applicable rule adopted by WWU that either subjects a person to penalty for its violation (such as parking enforcement), affects the requirements to obtain any benefit conferred by law (such as procedures for public record requests), or that involves the conduct of formal administrative hearings (such as the Student Conduct Code). However, WACs are not required for rules that concern only the University's internal management without affecting the rights of the public, or that involve admissions, employment, academic credit, or graduation. See RCW 34.05.010.

Rule Development

includes initiating a new rule or amending or repealing an existing rule.

Requesting Department Head

The individual(s) responsible for initiating the development of a new rule or rule changes.

Rules Coordinator

The individual who has knowledge of the subjects of rules being proposed or prepared within the University for proposal, maintains the records of any such action, and responds to public inquiries about possible, proposed, or adopted rules, and the identity of University personnel working, reviewing, or commenting on them.

University Policy and Rules Review Group

A committee designated by the President to review rules and policies. Current members are listed on the University Policy website Current members  of the University Policy & Rules Review Group

Technical Review Committee

A standing committee appointed by the President. 

Policy Statements

1. Requesting Department Head Initiates the Process of Rules Draft Development

Requesting Department Head is responsible for:

  • Initiating the development of a new rule or changes to existing rules to ensure accountability and compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Following the appropriate procedure for the change needed (see PRO-U1000.11A, B or C).
  • Seeking appropriate approval from management within Division (FRM-U1000.11A or B).
  • Ensuring that stakeholders are identified and consulted in the rule review and draft process.

2. Vice Presidents Approve Rule Development within Their Division

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3. University Policy and Rules Review Group Reviews All Rule Development

The University Policy and Rules Review Group is responsible for reviewing proposed changes before the rule is developed or amended, revised or repealed. In addition, the group will review the final draft of the rule before it is presented at public hearing.

4. Rules Coordinator Facilitates the Rule Making Process

The Rules Coordinator is responsible for facilitating the rule making process by:

  • Filing appropriate documents with the Washington State Office of the Code Reviser,
  • Maintaining a public rule-making docket of pending rules, and
  • Providing notice and conducting public hearings to solicit campus community comments.

5. Technical Review Committee Reviews All University Proposed Drafts

The Technical Review Committee is responsible for reviewing draft rules for legal compliance and form in order to promote operational efficiencies and reduce institutional risks.

6. President Approves All University Rules Except Those For Which Board of Trustees Retains Authority

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