Policy Development

University policies are owned by a responsible officer; this is the office/individual responsible for initiating, developing and maintaining university policies under the purview of the President, Provost or Vice Presidents.

The development process starts with the responsible officer submitting a Policy Impact Statement to the University Policy Manager. The policy impact statement is presented to the University Policy and Rules Review Group for review and/or approval to proceed with the development of the policy. Policy drafts are reviewed by identified stakeholders, Technical Review Committee and the University community for a 30-day comment period.

Once the review is complete and necessary revisions are made, policies return to the University Policy and Rules Review Group for final approval. Upon final approval by the University Policy and Rules Review Group, the policy is signed by the President, posted on the University policy site and communicated to the University community by the responsible officer and the University Policy Manager.

University Policy & Rules Review Group

 The University and Rules Review Group is a committee designated by the President. This group is charged with approving policy initiation and recommending approval of university policies and rules.

Technical Review Committee

The Technical Review Committee is standing committee appointed by the President responsible for reviewing draft policies for legal compliance and form to promote operational efficiencies and reduce institutional risks.

Policies and Procedures

Please review the policies and procedures regarding developing new university policies or revising a current policy.