New and Revised

Policy Number Policy Title Status Effective Date Revised Date
POL-U1300.03 Reducing the Risk Associated with the Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs New 11-08-2022 Not applicable
POL-U7100.04 Preventing and Responding to Incidents of Hazing (Interim Policy) New 10-19-2022 Not applicable
POL-U5710.02 Administering Institutional Space New 09-28-2022 Not applicable
POL-U1200.01 Using Lived Name Across University Operations New 09-26-2022 Not applicable
POL-U1000.10 Developing, Maintaining and Cancelling University Policies New 05-10-2022 Not applicable
POL-U5620.03 Reporting a Missing Student Who Resides in University Housing New 04-04-2022 Not applicable
POL-U1000.07 Displaying Flags on University Flagpole New 03-15-2022 Not applicable