New and Revised

Policy Number Policy Title Status Effective Date Revised Date
POL-U5348.10 Traveling for Official University Business New 09-28-2023 Not applicable
POL-U8610.02 Recognizing Student Clubs New 07-13-2023 10-31-2023
POL-U5380.01 Protecting Payment Card Information New 06-08-2023 Not applicable
POL-U1500.09 Faculty Policy on Outside Work New 06-07-2023 Not applicable
POL-U2100.04 Faculty Policy on Compensated Professional Activities New 04-14-2023 Not applicable
POL-U1300.03 Reducing the Risk Associated with the Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs New 11-08-2022 Not applicable
POL-U5940.01 Using University Resources New 12-02-2002 08-31-2023
POL-U2105.01 Traveling Abroad for Educational Experiences Revised 05-21-2009 01-25-2023