POL-U5950.02 Entering Confined Space

Dates and Approval

Effective Date:

October 1, 1992

Revised Date:

September 16, 2016

Approved by:


Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to all university employees, students, and contractors who may be exposed to a hazard arising from entry into a confined space.


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Policy Statements

1. Director of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Administers Confined Space Program and Rescue Team

EHS Director is responsible for administering the confined space program and confined space rescue services per WAC 296-809.

2. Training, Protective and Rescue Equipment and Procedures Safeguard Workers or Students Exposed to Confined Space Hazards

Whenever employees or students are exposed to a hazard arising from entry into a confined space, appropriate training, protective and rescue equipment, and procedures are used to safeguard the exposed workers or students from serious injury or death.

3. Trained Individuals Evaluate the Hazards of Assignments

For each project or job, individuals who are competent in the evaluation of hazards, precautions, first aid, and artificial respiration shall specifically be assigned. All personnel shall be trained in the use of personal protective equipment required for the job assignment.

4. Department Head or Directors Ensure the Confined Space Program Is Employed

It is the responsibility of the department head or center director to ensure that this confined space program is employed for areas under their purview. The department head shall also be responsible for procedures, training, and planning for entry into confined spaces which present a problem due to toxicity, flammability, oxygen deficiency or excess mechanical, electrical, corrosive, or temperature hazard.

5. Supervisors Implement the Confined Space Program for Work Under Their Purview

Supervisors shall be responsible to the department head for implementing the confined space program for employees and work under their purview. The supervisor or designate shall assure that the confined space work permit (attached) is completed prior to entry into a confined space, that appropriate air quality monitoring has been arranged in advance, and that appropriate equipment and trained personnel are available to safely enter the confined space.

6. Employees, Contractors and Students Comply with Confined Space Procedures

All employees, contractors and students shall comply with the confined space procedures and shall be protected from hazards resulting from entry into confined spaces.

7. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Staff Provide Procedures and Assist Departments with Implementation

The Environmental Health and Safety staff shall be responsible for providing and updating University-wide procedures and assisting departments with implementation of the program.

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