POL-U5420.01 Training Supervisors on HR Compliance Issues

Dates and Approval

Effective Date:

April 27, 2012

Approved by:

President's Cabinet

Who does this policy apply to?

The University is committed to supporting the development of competent supervisors. This policy applies to all employees who hold a position designated as part of the Supervisory Group.


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Supervisory Group

All Executive Officers, Faculty (including Chairs), Professional and Classified Staff who supervise one or more permanent Faculty, Professional or Classified Staff employees.

Policy Statements

1. Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs Ensures Supervisor Training Implementation

The Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs (BFA) will ensure an appropriate and accessible Supervisor Training program is implemented. The Vice President for BFA delegates the development and implementation of the program to the Director of Human Resources (HR). The Director of HR will oversee the scheduling, curriculum and facilitation for all supervisor training that will be available as a result of this policy.

2. Training is Mandatory

Employees defined as the Supervisory Group are required to complete the Supervisor Training Program. Department heads must ensure HR is apprised of any changes to an employee’s position that may affect participation in the program to ensure that training is scheduled based on each employee’s current job title and responsibilities.

The Director of HR will facilitate training for Executive Officers and Department Chairs. The Director will identify applicable course content for the Department Chairs with the Faculty Senate President and Deans.

3. Human Resources Conducts Needs Assessment

HR will conduct a needs assessment with the Supervisory Group to aid in course development and evaluate the delivery and effectiveness of course content each quarter.

4. Department Heads, Vice Presidents and Deans Ensure Release Time to Attend Training

To facilitate successful completion of the program, department heads, vice presidents and deans will ensure employees of the Supervisory Group are granted reasonable periods of time to obtain the required training and that training time is made available.

5. Supervisors are Responsible for Applying Knowledge

The Supervisory Group is responsible for carrying out the duties of their position in compliance with the laws, rules, policies and principles as taught in the Supervisor Training Program.

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