POL-U5410.08 Providing Relocation Compensation

Dates and Approval

Effective Date:

April 9, 2013

Revised Date:

February 4, 2021

Approved by:

President Sabah Randhawa

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to offers of employment in support of the University’s strategic goal to recruit high quality faculty and staff.


There is no overview for this policy.


Appointing Authority

An individual lawfully authorized to appoint (hire), transfer, layoff, reduce, dismiss, suspend or demote employees, with such authority delegated in writing from the President of the University(Board of Trustees Rules of Operation).

Hiring Authority

An individual designated by the Appointing Authority to exercise responsibility for requesting employment applications, interview eligible candidates, and recommend appointment of individuals to positions, which such responsibility may be set forth in a job description or other University policy.

Relocation Compensation

Lump sum relocation compensation when it is determined necessary to successfully recruit qualified candidates who will have to make a domiciliary move (see RCW 43.03.125). Relocation compensation lump sums can include a house hunting allowance.

Hiring Incentive

Lump sum payment provided to incentivize a candidate of choice when the University has determined that the position is likely to be difficult to fill in the absence of such an incentive or to make a competitive offer as provided under the appropriate compensation plan.

Policy Statements

1. The Assistant Vice President for Human Resources Oversees the Provision of Relocation Compensation Payments

Under the purview of the Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs, the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, in partnership with the Provost Office, is the compliance owner for employment related regulations including state provisions for relocation compensation. Appointing and hiring authorities are responsible for enforcing compliance with the policy and related standards and procedures within their areas.

2. Eligibility for Relocation Compensation is Limited

Relocation compensation may only be provided to new hires:

  1. Hired into permanent position, and
  2. Moving a distance greater than 100 miles from their WWU official work location based on the address of their residence at the time of offer.


  1. Relocation compensation may be provided to temporary and project employees upon approval from appropriate Vice President/Provost or President.
  2. A vice president, as the appointing authority, can approve relocation compensation for a new hire when the individual is moving a distance between 50 - 100 miles from their WWU official work location. However, proof of the move is required to receive the payment. Proof of move may be required under other circumstances (e.g. position begins in a remote location).

3. Standards to be Followed to Determine Amount

Hiring departments will use the cost calculators for estimating relocation compensation and house hunting allowances in accordance with the Standards for Determining Relocation Compensation and House Hunting Allowances (STN 5410.08A).

4. Prior Approval is Required to Offer Relocation Compensation

Hiring authorities must receive prior approval for relocation compensation payments from the appropriate Appointing Authority prior to making official offers of employment. Relocation compensation must be reflected in the offer of employment.

5. University May Require Reimbursement of Relocation Compensation from Employee if Terminated

If the employee resigns or is terminated prior to completing one year of employment with the University from the date of current hire, the University may require reimbursement for any relocation compensation provided by the University. A notice of this provision must be included in the letter of offer.


The employee reimbursement requirement does not apply when the employee is laid off, separated due to a medical condition or disability, or other good cause as determined and approved by the appropriate Vice President/Provost or President.

6. Relocation Compensation Payable in Lump Sum Only

Authorized payments may only be offered in the form of a lump sum payment issued through payroll (see Processing Relocation Compensation Payments TSK-U5410.08A). The payment is to be issued no sooner than the new hire’s first payroll period following their official start date. Reimbursing moving expenses in addition to the lump sum payment is prohibited.

Lump sum payments are taxed as supplemental wages using the flat rate method and are also subject to social security and Medicare taxes.

7. Relocation Compensation May be Paid in Addition to a Hiring Incentive

Relocation compensation may be provided with or without a separate hiring incentive payment. For more information about hiring incentive payments for staff, refer to the applicable employee compensation plan or collective bargaining agreement.

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