POL-U5400.07 Determining Classification and Compensation for Classified Positions

Dates and Approval

Effective Date:

May 31, 2007

Approved by:

WWU President's Council

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy establishes rules for determining the classification and compensation for permanent classified positions submitted for a position review or recruitment.


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Policy Statements

1. Vice President Of Business And Financial Affairs Will Ensure Appropriate Classification And Compensation

All ne or revised positions will be evaluated by Human Resources to ensure employees are properly categorized and compensated.

Compensation will be based on the appropriate bargaining unit contract or the Washington State Department of Personnel Compensation Plan.

In general, starting salaries bein at the first step of the range. Exceptions may be made to Human Resources with appropriate justifications or if provided by a collective bargaining unit agreement.

2. Human Resources Director Will Monitor The Classification/Compensation Process

The Human Resources Director will monitor the classification and compensation of positions and provide regular updates to the Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs.

3. Supervisors Will Maintain Current Position Descriptions

Positions description are to be created for each position. Descriptions are to be updated following significant changes to the position. Supervisors will provide updated copies to the incumbent and Human Resources.

4. Management And Incumbents May Request A Position Review Upon Vice President Or President Approval

Upon approval by a vice president or the President, the position review process may be initiated at any time by the position incumbent as well as the appropriate supervisor, director, or dean. Requests for a position review generally occur when:

  1. ​​​​​​Significant changes in duties and responsibilities are made to a position as directed by the supervisor,
  2. Reorganization occurs within a unit division that significantly impacts the job description, or
  3. A position’s level of responsibility changes as directed by the supervisor.

5. Human Resources Will Determine Effective Date

The date in which changes in classification/compensation become effective will be a date based on

  1. Provisions in the appropriate bargaining unit contract,
  2. Department of Personnel provisions, or
  3. Criteria agreed upon by the appropriate dean/director and Human Resources.

6. Executive Officers And Directors Will Ensure Internal Procedures Are Established

Executive officers and directors will ensure that internal procedures are established for their respective areas in order to be in compliance with this policy.

7. Human Resources Director Ensures Training Is Provided

Human Resources will provide supervisors and their staff training and guidance on the determining position classification and compensation.


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