POL-U5200.01 Art Acquisition Through Capital Project Funding

Dates and Approval

Effective Date:

August 1, 1970

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Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies when capital funding is used for construction of public buildings on the university campus.


Art acquired through capital funding shall be regarded as a general educational resource of Western Washington University. The purpose is to provide for the consideration, selection and acquisition of works of art as integral parts of capital projects through established art allowances in the budgets. This is in accordance with university policy contained in WWU's Long­-Range Plan dated August 1970, and with state and federal funding policies. (See RCW 43.17.200)


Art Allowance

The implementation of RCW 43.17.200 (1983) requires state agencies to allocate one-­half of one percent of the appropriation for construction of public buildings toward acquisition of works of art.  The art allowance is administered by the Facilities and Master Planning and Budget Office, under the direction of the Washington State Arts Commission.

Works of Art

Works of art may be any approved two­ or three­-dimensional work for interior or exterior location in any medium and by any artist.

Policy Statements

1. Responsibilities Concerning Works of Art

The project architect may recommend:  locations for works of art integral with the project; general concepts on kinds of art that would be appropriate for each location; possible artists who might be commissioned by execute the art; suggest fees and terms of the commissions (including delivery time and coordination with construction).  The project architect may also supervise the work and its installation. In general, all art will be fixed, installed, or hung in a permanent location and inventoried by the university Art Curator.

2. Funding Authority

In conjunction with the Office of Business and Financial Affairs, the Facilities and Master Planning and Budget Offices establish art allowance budgets, notify the committees and administer the projects.  All steps are in accordance with applicable federal and state laws/regulations and consistent with the directives of the Washington State Arts Commission.

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