POL-U5100.02 Educational Commercial Activities

Dates and Approval

Effective Date:

December 3, 1987

Approved by:

Board of Trustees

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to units which offer goods or services beyond the university community


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Policy Statements

1. The University Provides Goods and Services for Fees Which Enhance, Promote or Support Teaching, Research and Public Service Functions.

Western Washington University's goal is to provide the highest quality undergraduate programs in the state, which are complemented by selected high quality graduate programs through the masters level. Achieving quality includes consideration of the research activity of faculty and students, and program responsiveness to public and community needs. In striving to attain this goal, it is necessary for the university to provide goods and services for fees which enhance, promote, or support its teaching, research, and public service functions.

Educational commercial activities shall be established and carried on only pursuant to, and in accordance with, an authorization and statement of purpose approved by the appropriate university vice president after consultation with the Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs.


2. Educational Commercial Activity Must Meet Certain Conditions

Each educational commercial activity shall meet the following three conditions:

  • The activity is deemed to be an integral part of the fulfillment of the institution's educational, research, public service, or campus support functions.
  • The activity is needed to provide an integral good or service at a reasonable price, on reasonable terms, and at convenient location and time. Such activity may assist students in keeping their cost of education at a reasonable price.
  • The activity is carried out for the primary benefit of the campus community but with sensitivity to the total community.

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