POL-U4520.05 Certifying Effort for Federally-Sponsored Agreements

Dates and Approval

Effective Date:

September 25, 2012

Approved by:

President Bruce Shepard

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to faculty and staff involved with federally-sponsored agreements.


There is no overview for this policy.


Federally-Sponsored Agreements

Grants, contracts, cooperative agreements with federal agencies, and flow-through sub-agreements. However, this excludes agreements made through federal financial aid programs.

Policy Statements

1. The University Adheres to Federal Cost Principles for Educational Institutions

Principles for determining costs applicable to federally-sponsored agreements are published in the Office of Management and Budget Circular A-21, (2 CFR Part 220) and can be accessed at the research and sponsored programs website.

2. Principal Investigator (PI) or Employee Is Responsible for Certifying Effort

Principal Investigator determines staff salaries and wages to be charged to the federally sponsored agreement.

3. Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) is Responsible for Managing Effort Certification and Maintaining Records of Effort for Federally-Sponsored Agreements

RSP must review and approve salaries and wages charged to federally-sponsored agreements are reasonable in relation to the actual work performed.

4. Certification of Effort Must Be Done in a Timely Manner

PI shall complete certification within 74 days of original notification. Failure to do so shall result in RSP transferring uncertified salary and fringe benefits to a budget of the unit to which the Principal Investigator or employee is assigned.