POL-U1500.04 Distributing Draft Internal Audit Reports

Dates and Approval

Effective Date:

October 6, 2006

Revised Date:

August 19, 2022

Approved by:

Board of Trustees

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to all audit reports created by Audit and Consulting Services.


There is no overview for this policy.


Audit Report Includes

Standard audit reports, consultation reports, special investigation reports, and memorandum reports.

Policy Statements

1. Draft Audit Reports Will Be Distributed Only to Appropriate Individuals

The Director of Audit and Consulting Services, in consultation with the President or designee, determines the distribution for each draft audit report. Typically, draft audit reports are distributed to the Chair or Director of the department under review, Provost and/or appropriate Vice President(s) and Dean. The Director of Audit and Consulting Services distributes copies of the draft audit reports.

2. Draft Audit Reports Are Not Public Records

No additional description for this statement.

3. Persons Receiving Draft Reports from Audit and Consulting Services May Distribute Copies To Appropriate Staff

Each audit engagement is unique and persons receiving reports have the discretion to distribute copies of the draft reports to their staff as they deem appropriate.

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  • Internal Audit Charter


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  • Policy approved by President’s Council effective September 16, 2002


  • Policy approved by President’s Council effective September 16, 2002


  • Internal Audit Charter

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