POL-U1200.01 Using Lived Name Across University Operations

Dates and Approval

Effective Date:

September 26, 2022

Approved by:

President Sabah Randhawa

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to all Western Washington University locations and operations.


Providing the option to indicate a lived name and requiring use of lived name for most purposes at Western is one element of respecting the identities and self-determination of University students, employees and alumni.


Ancillary System

An Information Technology (IT) resource system that pulls or receives data from a primary IT resource.

Lived Name

The name a person chooses to use personally and/or professionally instead of their legal name.

Legal Name

A person’s name appearing on their official government-issued documents, such as a social security card, driver’s license, or state-issued identity card.

Primary IT Resource

An IT resource system in which data is stored and that shares such data with ancillary systems. Banner is an example of a primary IT resource.


Policy Statements

1. The University Provides Students, Employees, and Alumni the Opportunity to Indicate their Lived Name

At the time of application for admission to or employment by the University and for the duration of one’s time as a student or employee of the University, individuals must be provided the opportunity to indicate a lived name. Alumni of the University must also be given the opportunity to indicate a lived name.

The processes for students, employees, and alumni to indicate a lived name shall endeavor to be clear and readily accessible, including posting online.  Costs associated with updating University systems and documents, including identification cards, to reflect lived name shall not be passed on to individuals indicating a lived name.

Individuals entering a contracting relationship with the University must be provided the opportunity to indicate a lived name along with their legal name.

2. Lived name is Used as the Default Across University IT Systems and Operations

When applicants for admission or employment, students, employees, alumni and contractors have indicated a lived name, the lived name shall be used as the default in University operations, including educational and business functions and across University IT systems and records. Places lived name should be used include, but are not limited to, class lists, unofficial transcripts, performance reviews, timesheets, identification cards, directories, email display names, learning management systems, and e-sign forms.

Once collected, lived name shall be stored in the University’s primary IT resource systems (e.g. Banner) where ancillary systems can poll or receive information from primary IT resources.

3. Legal Name is Displayed and Used Only When Required

When applicants for admission or employment, students, employees, alumni and contractors have indicated a lived name, their legal name must not be displayed in IT Resources and documents that do not require legal name.

Documents and records requiring legal name include, but are not limited to, those provided to federal and state government and those associated with a person’s social security number. This includes payroll records, tax forms, federal immigration documents, financial aid documents, records associated with administration of employee benefits (e.g. retirement, insurance), and medical records.

When a lived name is indicated, ancillary systems may need to be modified to receive lived name unless legal name is required to perform a function for which the ancillary system is used.

University departments using legal name will maintain information online clearly identifying those places where legal name is used.

4. Training about Use and Disclosure of Names is Required for Employees

Training is required for employees with access to legal names of people who have indicated a lived name. Training shall be centrally developed by the University, the training shall include information about using individuals’ lived names except in those circumstances where legal name must be used, appropriate use and disclosure of legal names, and impacts of improper disclosure. University department heads are responsible for ensuring that their employees required to complete the training do so.

5. Multi-Phase Project will Kick Off After the Date of this Policy Approval

No additional description for this statement.