POL-U8650.02 Selling Goods And Services To Members Of The University Community

Dates and Approval

Effective Date:

July 8, 2014

Approved by:

President Bruce Shepard

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to non-University vendors selling goods and/or services to members of the University community on campus property.



The purpose of this policy is to regulate the on-campus sale of goods and services to members of the Western Washington University (WWU) community while providing a campus market atmosphere.



Includes any person, group or business that is selling goods or services to members of the WWU community.

Goods and Services

Includes but is not limited to any foods,homemade items, or work performed for another.

Policy Statements

1. Sales of Goods and Services Are Allowed on a Limited Basis

No person shall offer for sale or sell goods or services on the WWU campus except as permitted on a contractual basis and said sales are typically located in Vendor's Row of the Viking Union.

Sales of goods and services to the University community shall be consistent with the aims of the University.

2. Vendors are Required to Conduct Sales Without Interfering with the University's Normal Operations

The conduct of vendors selling goods or services on the WWU campus is expected to be polite and non-intrusive. Vendors will not:

  1. Interrupt or impede the University’s normal traffic flow
  2. Create or project noise above the normal ambient level
  3. Aggressively sell to or harass members of the University community or general public
  4. Overload electrical availability
  5. Hawk or cause audio interference with the public or other vendors.

3. Viking Union Reservations Shall Issue Registration Cards for Display by Vendors

Each vendor selling goods or services on WWU campus shall prominently display a current registration card issued by Viking Union Reservations. This registration card shall be used only in conjunction with the location for which it was provided.

4. Local and State Licenses, Permits, and/or Insurance May be Required

Depending upon the nature of goods or services being sold, the University may require copies of proof of a specified level of insurance, or local or state licenses or permits as a condition for receiving a vending permit.

5. Sales for Future Goods or Services is Not Permitted

No person shall offer for sale, or sell arrangements/agreements for future goods or services, without prior approval from the Director of Viking Union Facilities. This includes, but is not limited to, such contractual agreements as:

  1. Credit cards
  2. Internet service providers
  3. Cellular phone/pager service.

Exception: This policy shall not apply to the sale of goods and services by a person pursuant to a written agreement, involving the long-term lease, rental or use of University facilities, or to a campus event or activity that is part of a private sale between individuals, which do not involve a general or public offer of goods or services for sale, or as part of a University sponsored event.

6. Vendors are Required to Pay Applicable Taxes from Sales

Each person or organization selling goods or services on WWU campus shall be responsible for the payment of any sales taxes, income taxes, or other taxes resulting from the sales.

7. Director of the Viking Union May Terminate a Vendor’s Vending Privileges if Deemed Necessary

The Director of the Viking Union may terminate vending privileges due to the vendor’s:

  1. Violation of this policy
  2. Potentially illegal, unsafe, or hazardous conditions
  3. Aggressive selling or harassment.

8. Vendors Assume All Responsibility for Goods and Services Sold

WWU shall not be responsible for the quality, fitness, or merchantability of goods or services in accordance with the provisions of this policy. No vendor shall falsely advertise, represent, or claim to be an agent or employee of WWU.

9. Director of Viking Union Facilities Shall Assure Proper Mitigation of Risk

All vending shall be conducted in accordance with appropriate rules and ordinances governing a particular type of activity. Vendors are not permitted to use portable power, such as but not limited to:

  1. Propane
  2. Storage battery
  3. Generator, and/or
  4. Open Flames.

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