POL-U8650.01 Posting on Main Campus

Dates and Approval

Effective Date:

June 15, 1991

Revised Date:

April 2, 2021

Approved by:

President Sabah Randhawa

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to University and non-university groups or individuals wishing to post notices on WWU Main Campus. Western Washington University recognizes the need for groups and individuals to communicate their activities, services, and ideas to the campus community while providing a visually pleasing, safe, and organized setting for the campus community to receive such communication.


There is no overview for this policy.



Large format forms of advertising consisting of one (1) single piece of material, rectangular in form, and measuring three (3) by eight (8) feet and printed professionally or hand-painted on durable paper.

Banner Posting Areas

Permanent posting areas on the exterior of Campus Buildings. Posting areas are identified in the Posting Standards for WWU Main Campus.

Departmental Posting Spaces

Spaces identified by departments for the purpose of disseminating information or providing a service function. Includes digital signage.

Directional Posting

Materials directing individuals to events or services.

Enclosed Posting Areas

All public posting areas enclosed in glass or plexi covered, typically secured with a lock. (e.g. Kiosks in Red Square and by Arntzen Hall, locked glass cases, etc. Typically marked as an AS Publicity Center space).

Exterior Posting Spaces

Identified on-campus posting spaces, not inside buildings.

Free Standing Posting

Materials that will not be affixed to university property (e.g. Sandwich Boards, Pedestal Signs, etc.)

Interior Posting Spaces

Spaces identified for posting inside of buildings.

Open Posting Areas

Posting areas not assigned to departments or AS Publicity Center distribution. These are the only areas where commercial posting is allowed.

Policy Statements

1. AS Publicity Center is Responsible for Overseeing Certain Public Postings

The AS Publicity Center is responsible for the review, approval and distribution of WWU and not-for-profit postings for banners and public enclosed posting areas.

2. AS Publicity Center is Responsible for Developing and Maintaining Standards for WWU Main Campus

Additional rules and posting quantities are found in the Posting Standards.

3. Interior Space Posting is Limited to Bulletin Boards and Other Areas for Posting

Attaching postings to walls, doors, stairs, balconies, or other interior structures prohibited as it can create hazards and may cause property damage.

Exception: Directional posting is allowed on the day(s) of the event on vertical surfaces using materials that will not cause damage to the structures.

4. Departmental Posting Spaces are Monitored by the Department Chair/Director or Designee

Department heads determine allowable usage of their posting spaces.

5. Reservations for Exterior Posting Spaces Required

Spaces available for reservations include, but are not limited to:

  1. Banner posting spaces,
  2. Kiosks,
  3. Special installation requests, and
  4. Chalking spaces.

Reservation requests can be made at Western's Event Management System. Additional rules for these postings are identified in the AS Posting Standards for WWU Main Campus.

Exception: Open Chalking Space (the bricked grounds of Red Square, not including building walkways and stairways) does not require reservations: See Chalking Standards for details.

6. Exterior Posting is Limited to Designated

Affixing signs, chalk, or displays to building exteriors including but not limited to: works of art, plants, trees, walls, balconies, building columns, roofs, or fixtures is prohibited.


  1. Freestanding posting is allowed provided they are for a University-sponsored activity, are durable enough to withstand high wind or inclement weather, do not block traffic, and comply with ADA Guidelines.
  2. Exterior postings that are granted approval as part of an Exterior Space Request the Viking Union Reservations office.

7. Postings May Be Removed by Designated Personnel

Designated personnel includes, but is not limited to, Associated Students Publicity Center Employees, Viking Union Organization Staff, University Police, and Facilities Management.

Reasons for removal include but are not limited to:

  1. Violation of this policy or related guidelines,
  2. Event/activity has concluded,
  3. Reservation expired,
  4. Displayed without approval,
  5. Damaged due to weather, vandalism, neglect,
  6. Threat to health or safety.

Exception: Department heads determine reasons for removal for their respective departmental posting spaces.

8. Certain Requirements Apply to Designated Open Posting Areas

The following requirements apply to designated open posting areas:

  1. Posters must be no larger than 11” x 17”,
  2. One (1) poster per event or activity permitted per board,
  3. Materials may not be placed over other posters,
  4. Commercial posting is allowed,
  5. Postings must be removed immediately after the event or activity advertised,
  6. Postings must clearly state the name or responsible individual/organization,
  7. Postings shall not violate the Student Conduct Code, chapter 516-21 WAC (including section 516-21-115: Discrimination and discriminatory harassment, and 516-21-060: Conduct that harms or threatens health or safety regardless of student status),
  8. May not include advertising use (including limited or responsible use) of alcohol or cannabis products,
  9. Postings may not result in discrimination towards individuals or groups based on Legally Protected Characteristics as listed in POL-U1600.02, and
  10. Postings must comply with the use of University property requirements as stated in chapter 516-36 WAC.

9. Violations of This Policy May Result in Sanctions

Sanctions can include, but are not limited to:

  1. Removal of material,
  2. Cleaning/damage charges for the individual, department, or organization, and
  3. Restriction of future posting privileges for repeat offenders.

Postings that may constitute violations will be referred to the appropriate offices, including but not limited to Student Life Office, Human Resources, and Civil Rights and Title Compliance. Violations that threaten health or safety or that constitute vandalism will be forwarded to University Police.

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