POL-U8500.01 Space Allocation - Exterior Space

Dates and Approval

Effective Date:

December 1, 1988

Revised Date:

February 22, 2021

Approved by:

University Facilities Council

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to all individuals or entities wishing to make use of the university’s exterior space.


Essential to the nature and mission of the university is the creation of a marketplace of ideas and the exchange of information. This policy is intended to provide for the orderly use of the exterior spaces on the campus of Western Washington University for the organized dissemination of information, production of planned events, and other activities which might have an impact on the normal operation of the university. While the outdoor, public forum of the campus is open to all who wish to discuss and debate, specific guidelines are essential in order to assure that the instructional process is not interrupted.


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Policy Statements

1. All Outside Activities With Potential Impact on Normal University Operation Must Be Scheduled Through Viking Union Events Services Office

All outside activities with a potential impact on the normal conduct of the university’s operation must be scheduled through the Viking Union Events Services Office. Outside activity space requests must be approved beforehand with a request of a particular space through the Viking Union Events Services Office, at which time the following will take place:


  • Verification of authority of requesting party to reserve space on campus and clarification of event specifics.
  • Verification of availability of space/check for potential conflict with other activities. Referral to appropriate office if covered under exemptions in section D.1., or other university requirements, in which case further review would follow that office’s procedures. However, processing for all student and off­ campus groups will follow procedures contained herein.
  • Examination of the potential effect on on­going activity of the university, including contacting offices or departments which may be impacted, if necessary.
  • Review by other administrative officials, if necessary, due to scope or impact of program, e.g., unusual space, precedent possibilities.
  • Approval or denial by the Director of the Viking Union/Student Activities. Approval may contain specific requirements as a condition of approval.
  • Distribution of approved event information to Vice President for Student Affairs, Space Administration, Public Safety, Grounds, and any party with a particular interest in a certain activity.
  • Inclusion in the Event Services Reservation System and distribution through the “University Events Report,” which is produced daily and available in the Viking Union Administrative Office, as well as the Viking Union Information Desk.

2. No Noise Which Interferes with Normal Operation of University Shall Be Permitted in Proximity of Classroom or Office Facilities


While classes or related activities are in session, no sound amplification or other activities which might generate noise above the ambient level or otherwise interfere with the normal operation of the university shall be permitted in the proximity of classroom or office facilities.

3. No Materials May be Affixed to University Outdoor Artwork

Facilities Or Grounds

Outdoor art may be used only to the extent for which it was designed. No materials may be affixed to artwork.

4. Specific Activities Are Assigned to Specific Campus Areas

Activity Responsibility

Responsibility for specific activities is assigned as follows. Such activities may not conflict with items above.

  1. The sale of goods or services is restricted to the Viking Union Plaza and covered in a separate policy governing “The Sale of Goods and Services.”
  2. The scheduling of athletic field space shall be through the Office of Campus Recreation.
  3. Assigned spaces, such as courts adjacent to Residence Halls, shall be scheduled by the department to which they are assigned.

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