POL-U4900.01 Using University Library Facilities

Dates and Approval

Effective Date:

March 13, 1996

Revised Date:

April 24, 2018

Approved by:

President Sabah Randhawa

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to faculty, staff, students or guests using the Wilson Library


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Policy Statements

1. Library Facilities May be Used by University-Related Persons

Western Washington University students, faculty, teaching assistants, staff and other university personnel may borrow circulating materials for periods specified and in accordance with rules established by the Dean of Libraries. Non-circulating materials may be borrowed as determined by the appropriate library unit.

2. Library Facilities May be Used by Persons Not Related to the University

The general policy is to extend the use of the libraries' resources and facilities freely to persons not related to the University who wish to make use of library resources. Such use of library resources and facilities by non-university related persons does not extend to borrowing privileges, except materials may be loaned to persons in the following categories upon such terms as the Dean of Libraries or their designee shall approve:

  1. Faculty and students of other universities are accorded borrowing privileges pursuant to reciprocal agreements.
  2. Persons who obtain an annually renewable community card for an annual fee, or who are accorded borrowing privileges pursuant to reciprocal agreements with area community colleges or Whatcom County Library System partners.
  3. Persons who are active members of the Western Washington University Alumni Association.
  4. Other individuals approved by the Dean of Libraries or their designee. To seek approval, contact the Library Services. https://library.wwu.edu/use/borrow/community

3. The Library Opens During Established Hours

During the periods when classes are in session, the library hours shall be posted on the exterior wall or door of the library. Library facilities may be open for limited service on holidays when demand can be expected from the university community. Hours may be adjusted without notice to meet special conditions.

4. Persons Using the Libraries' Resources and Facilities Shall Maintain Appropriate Behavior

Persons using the Libraries' resources and facilities shall maintain appropriate behavior , see Library Visitor Guideline

5. The Dean of Libraries Shall Establish a Schedule of Charges

The Dean of Libraries shall establish a schedule of charges for late returns of library materials or damaged or lost materials .The schedule of charges will be posted in the library.

6. Backpacks, Bags, Briefcases and Other Carriers May be inspected

Backpacks, bags, briefcases and other carriers may be inspected upon the user's leaving the library.

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