POL-U2160.01 Space Allocation: Academic Offices

Dates and Approval

Effective Date:

July 10, 1989

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Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to faculty and others requiring an academic office at WWU. The policy reflects the manner in which the University prioritizes assignment of office space. 


The policy below reflects the manner in which the University prioritizes the assignment of office space. While it is not the intent to infringe upon the discretion of those charged with the administration of departmentally-dedicated space, it should be noted that should adjudication of space assignment disputes be required, the University Facilities Committee shall use this policy as its guideline.


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Policy Statements

1. Full-­time Teaching Faculty Are Entitled to One Private Office.

Full-­time teaching faculty are entitled to one private office. In special circumstances, a faculty member who demonstrates a need might have one private and one shared office upon approval form the Academic Vice President/Provost. 

2. Part-­time Faculty Shall Have Shared Office Space When Available

Part-­time faculty shall have a shared office when available, unless otherwise authorized by the Vice President of Academic Affairs/Provost.

3. Graduate Students With Teaching Assistantship Responsibilities Should Have Shared Offices

Graduate students with teaching assistantship responsibilities should have shared offices only. 

4. Active Emeriti Should Have Shared Office Space

Active Emeriti should have shared office space.

5. Graduate and/or Undergraduate Students Who Assist in Classroom Instruction Should Have Shared Offices When Available

Graduate and/or undergraduate students who assist in classroom instruction should have shared offices when available. 

6. Research Associates Will Be Officed in and By Their Units

Research associates will be officed in and by their units of attachment. 

Office of faculty on professional leave will, wherever possible, be used to house their replacements. 

Office space should NOT be provided for undergraduate or graduate students unless they are teaching assistants. Exceptions are to be approved by the Academic Vice President/Provost.

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