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New and Revised

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Number Status Document Name Effective Date
POL-U1600.04 Revised Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment Under Title IX 08/14/2020
POL-U5348.09 Revised Paying Honoraria or Stipends to Non-Employees 06/10/2020
POL-U5346.01 New Managing and Safeguarding University Assets 06/10/2020
POL-U5348.05 New Authorizing Agreements and Contracts 06/10/2020
POL-U3000.07 New Securing Information Systems 04/15/2020
POL-U5410.06 Revised Requesting and Donating Shared Leave to University Employees 03/09/2020
POL-U5410.07 Revised Accessing and Donating to State Shared Leave Pool 03/09/2020
POL-U5400.04 New Suspending University Operations 03/04/2020