POL-U5950.12 Smoking or Using Vaporized Devices

Dates and Approval

Effective Date:

December 1, 1985

Revised Date:

December 13, 2014

Approved by:

President Bruce Shepard

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to all students, faculty, staff, volunteers and visitors.


Western is committed to protecting the health of the campus community from negative impacts related to other persons’ use of smoked and vaporized products.



Directly inhaling or exhaling smoke from, or burning any, or carrying any lit, smoking instrument, or using an electronic cigarette or device.

Policy Statements

1. Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs (BFA) Oversees Policy

The Vice President for BFA ensures the policy is in line with the University’s mission and strategic goals and delegates the implementation and daily administration of the policy to the Director of Environmental Health and Safety.

2. Smoking Prohibited Inside All University Buildings and Vehicles

Exception: Theatrical productions may use electronic cigarettes when considered essential to the integrity of the production. Cartridge selection should preferentially focus on those with no or very low nicotine content. Public statements relating to the inclusion of electronic cigarettes should be placed in programs and other venues as best practice. (See also the CFPA Technical Production Guidelines and Responsibilities for college policies and procedures.)

3. Smoking Prohibited Within Specific Distances from Certain Areas

Smoking is prohibited within 25 feet from the following areas:

  1. Building entrances and exits,
  2. Building windows that open, and
  3. Ventilation intakes that serve an enclosed area inside University buildings.

4. University Residences May Impose Additional Rules and Restrictions

Policies in regards to smoking in and around University residences are addressed in the On-Campus Housing Agreement, and the Residential Community Standards on the University Residences website.

5. Students and Employees Must Comply with the University’s Drug and Alcohol Policy

The University’s policy on drugs and alcohol (POL-U7400.01) is designed to educate the University community about the dangers of alcohol and other drug abuse, and to prevent the possession, use or distribution of illicit or prohibited drugs and alcohol by students and employees on University property or while involved in University business or activities.

Policy Information