POL-U1000.03 BOT Delegations of Authority

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Board of Trustees

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This policy relates to the various delegations of authority made by the university Board of Trustees beginning in 1971.


Resolution # 73-06 BOT delegates to president authority to determine whether classified civil service employees shall be continued in employment after reaching age 67.

Resolution #73-12 BOT delegates to president or his designee authority award two specific contracts: utilities, Ridgeway; and utilities, Communications.

Resolution #73-15 BOT delegates to president of WWSC to purchase or lease all supplies, equipment and other personal property needed for the operation or maintenance of the College.

Resolution # 74-02 BOT delegates to president authority to implement the settlement of grievances arising under the college's affirmative action-nondiscrimination program.

Resolution # 75-05 BOT delegates authority to president authority to commission certain employees as peace officers of the state of Washington.

Resolution # 75-07 BOT delegates to president authority to establish the level of fees for senior citizens enrolled at the College.

Board of Trustee Handbook was adopted 6/03/76 by Resolution #76-03.

Resolution # 76-03 BOT adopts Board Handbook.

Resolution # 76-09 BOT delegates the authority to exercise all powers, duties and authorities previously reserved to BOT in BOT Handbook for the months of December 1976, January--March,1977.

[To employ faculty; adopt, etc., WAC rules; approve operation & capital budget; establish or abolish colleges, divisions, schools or departments; authorize awarding of degrees; establish fees; approve and execute collective bargaining agreements and establish retirement programs for employees; approve exempt staff salaries; retain responsibility for expenditure of state funds; enter into agreements with public agencies pursuant to Inter-Local Cooperation Act; purchase long term lease or real property; select professional architectural, engineering and related services and for design of public works for services exceeding $7,500; authorize execution of public works contracts over $50,000; establish self supporting facilities; authorize and approve bonded indebtedness; appoint insurance broker of record; approve affirmative action awards in excess of $2000; exercise authority in rules adopted by the Board under the APA; authority delegated by the legislature.]

Resolution # 77-01 Delegates authority to enter into contracts with the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE).

Resolution # 81-02 BOT delegates to person now or subsequently appointed to the position of president all appointing authority for classified staff; in the event of the absence of the president, to the person now or subsequently appointed to Vice President for Academic Affairs; in absence of president and VPAA, to the person now or subsequently appointed Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs; in absence of all those, to the person now or subsequently appointed to the position of Vice President of Student Affairs.

Resolution # 81-05 Rescinds 8102. Delegates to persons now or subsequently appointed to Executive Vice President/Provost, Vice President for Business Affairs, and Vice President for Student Affairs, appointing authority for classified staff, to be exercised concurrently with appointing authority previously delegated to president in Resolution 76-03; gives president authority to administratively establish policies for the exercise of the appointing authority by the vice presidents. RESCINDED by 83-06.

Resolution # 82-02 BOT [accepting resignation of Olscamp] appointed acting president James L. Talbot effective 7/1/82, with full authority to execute the powers and responsibilities of that office including appointing authority delegated in resolutions 81-04 (Note that the resolution number is incorrect it should be resolution no. 81-04. and 76-03.

Resolution # 82-03.1 AMENDS 82-02 by delegating to the persons now or subsequently appointed to the positions of Active Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost; Vice President for Business Affairs; and Vice President for Student Affairs, appointing authority for classified staff, to be exercised concurrently with previously delegated authority in Resolution 7603.

Resolution # 83-01 Appoints G. Robert Ross president effective January 10, 1983, with full authority to executive powers & responsibilities as now or hereafter delegated, including but not limited to delegations in Resolutions no. 81-04 and 76-03. RESCINDED by 83-06

Resolution # 83-06 Delegates to persons now or subsequently appointed to the positions of president and vice presidents appointing authority for classified staff, and authorizes person holding the position of president to withdraw at any time the delegation of appointing authority for all classified staff from the persons appointed to as vice presidents and to notify the BOT of such withdrawal at its next meeting; RESCINDS 81-05, 83-01, and 76-3 (It appears this resolution in August, 1983, dissolved the Board of Trustees Handbook) .

Resolution #89-06 BOT repealed the Board Handbook and adopted the new RULES OF OPERATION

Resolution #90-01 Board authorized president to develop standards, policies and procedures to arm and recommission its officers; decommission and/or arm and de-arm officers; replaces resolution 88-02 (which states university will have unarmed security service, and directs an agreement be entered into with City for police service, etc.).

MOTION 10-08-91 Changes the Board Rules of Operation giving president or designee authority to adopt, amend or repeal WAC chapters having to do with parking, bicycles and skateboards on campus.

MOTION 7-06-93 Board removes from president authority to appoint any employee who is related to the president either as sibling, parent, spouse or offspring, or otherwise to supervise, evaluate, direct, terminate or deal with terms and conditions of any such person and gives that authority to the Provost, subject to actions being reported to the chair of the BOT for BOT review.


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